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Most important trails and routes

  • The route of the 8 villages
  • PR-V43
  • PR-V167
  • Benialí rock art trail. It begins in Benialí and will take us to the shelter of rock art where the three prehistoric pictorial styles are found: the Levantine, the schematic and above all the macro schematic. Sensational views of the Valley. Duration of the tour: 2 h.
  • Path of La Foradá: its path coincides with part of the layout of the PR-V43. It starts in Benissivà although it can also be started from La Carroja and Alpatró. Duration of the trip: 2 h
  • The path of the Llimener: its path will take us from Alpatró to the fountain and the cave of the llimener. Duration of the tour: 1.30 h.
  • The path of the Safor: It coincides with the last section of the PR-V43. It has to go up in the Laguna road and on the side of the Pere Jordi corral it will take us to the peak of La Safor at 1013 m.
  • The path of the Benirrama raft: Duration of the tour: 3 h.
  • The path of the castle of Alcalà de Gallinera or Benissili: it is the mythical castle of al-Azraq. It starts from Benissili . Duration of the tour: 2 h.
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